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Math tips

Want your child to be more interested in math?
Add a little math to whatever interests your child.

Note: Before focusing on addition and subtraction, make sure your child recognizes basic numbers and has a solid command of counting.

Tips to improve Math skill and enhance numbers operations

—Spark your child’s interest and enthusiasm by using something of interest to him or her.

  • Count how many dolls (or bottle caps or baseball cards, etc.) your child has in his/her collection.
  • Count the number of jellybeans in a bowl – then subtract the number your child eats!
  • Practice basic math skills using games such as Dominos, dice and playing cards – games your child associates with fun, rather than study.

—Rhyme numbers with words: 2+2=(four-door), 3+7=(ten-pen) etc.

—While doing chores at home – count! How many toys did he or she leave on the floor? How many things did you forget to clean up? Be creative. Let your child make up the game. It’s fun!

—At snack time, have your child evenly divide the crackers, orange slices, or other snack among siblings, parents, etc.

—Open a joint savings account to calculate the money added to the account each month.

—Use measuring cups in your kitchen to teach your child fractions while cooking or baking.

—Take your child on a $1 shopping spree at the candy section of the grocery store! Have them count the number of pieces and how much money they have left to spend. Have them count the change, too.

—Junk mail? Don’t throw it away! Have your child make a fictitious order and add up the prices of items in the catalog. Even credit card offers can be compared to verify, which has the most lucrative offer. Do it together!

Bottom line: Math is fun – especially when you make it a creative part of your child’s day! Anything you have around the house can help your child enhance his or her counting, addition, and subtraction skills.