Contents Of A Proper Essay

Topic sentence is of we are talking about the body of the paragraph by body of the essay so you introduce the topic at the beginning of each body paragraph and this should relate directly to the rest of the paragraph and link them to the thesis statement and then you move on to do supporting sentences they should contain your argument analysis of your data and facts if you need to quote something or you need to tell an anecdote particularly in linear pieces of writing you need to give examples supporting details in order to aid your topic sentence you should have at least three supporting sentences and that’s a standard but it could be more so you should have at least three sentences to support each topic sentence and then make good use of transition moving from one paragraph to another so when we talk about transition you should focus on the final sentence of the body paragraph that links it to the next paragraph.

We will just talk about it in detail and then this should go on for the rest of the essay so how you develop body remember you should not introduce two contrasting ideas or two new ideas in the same para while doing paragraph we have already talked about it that each paragraph should contain one main idea if you may recall we have done something on Isaac Newton where I do your attention to the fact that each paragraph had something new to say with supporting details so please go back to your earlier classes and their lectures if you need more explanation about what’s a main idea how how to identify a main idea and then of course when you are done with your arguments for and against you have conclusion conclusion summarizes the general points and general theme of the essay and please remember in conclusion you no longer have the liberty to introduce new information please remember that many a time I have no just that his students include something that is absolutely new in the last final paragraph this is not right this is not the right thing or correct thing to do please avoid this.

So to reiterate a good essay contains introduction are there some general information about the topic you have to make the reader interested I’m talking about an educated reader to be interested in what you are writing and establish the context write your thesis statement you have to write your body with topic sentences supporting the argument and giving details examples data explanations etcetera it should go on supporting that way and then marking transition from one para to another so this is the way general body of an essay goes now please look at this slide and let’s look at this sample this is an introduction and in the same part please note that I have for your own convenience I have given two subheadings intro and context actually this is one single paragraph please note in order to make you understand what is introduction and what is context I have given separate paragraphs but this is not the way to actually practice it this is just for explanation.