How To Find A Research Question

There’s a time to bring up arguments so if nothing has happened recently it may not be for you so if I like say oh I’m interested in police brutality and I type in that a lot of times it will give you some prompts there I forget what that’s called when they generate those terms for you to look at so even if you type in just an idea there you’re not sure and you don’t want to browse this way that can help you think about where you want to go so let’s say I click on police brutality this gives me an overview of it and then in these viewpoints sections. Find more info on researches and questions at Robotdon.

I get different viewpoints I get you know pro and con yes and no different opinionated pieces on this and so these are your sources you can start collecting sources right away as you’re going through your issue if this appeals to you so opposing viewpoints starts with an O in the databases is a great way to find a topic find a research question as you’re going through like I said magazines websites that interest you are another good way to find topics once you have a topic in mind please do if you’re unsure if it’s controversial take it out for some exploratory research before you submit your questions to me because then I have to do that exploratory research if if I’m not sure and a lot of times I have to vet these questions and I will and I’ll try to help you form a question and sometimes I know right off the bat because I’ve been teaching comp argument for about 15 years tell us so you know I’m pretty well-versed and what is debatable and what’s not however the world changes and I’m not an expert in every field so I’ve had students come up with questions about farming or hybrid technology or cloning where I’m not very well-verse.

I don’t read the news in those areas typically unless there’s something major and so I need to go in there and and take it out for our test bin but please make sure you do that before you submit it so that we both can know is this a workable topic and how you do that is just easily you can go to google and type in keywords to say am I getting sources back do the sources seem reputable or credible not just like random blogs on the Internet and like I’m going to be able to find sources that are both pro and con on my issue as I go forth if your topics adhere to all the criteria you do want to compose a research question and I’ve tried to oops give you these templates here that might help you a lot of questions are questions of policy or legality should something be legalized should something be instituted so it should a policy be changed or altered or added or removed that’s one template for a question.