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Study tips for kids

Studying tips to improve Math skill and enhance numbers operations: count how many dolls (or bottle caps or baseball cards, etc.) your child has in his/her collection; count the number of jellybeans in a bowl – then subtract the number your child eats! Practice basic math skills using games such as Dominos, dice and playing cards – games your child associates with fun, rather than study.

Studying tips to do homework more productively: have a well-lit, organized desk for doing homework; as much as possible, try to stick to a set routine; if your child knows that homework time is from 3pm to 5pm everyday, there will be less resistance to doing the work; set aside extra time for big projects and term papers, like weekends; try to create a quiet environment with few or no distractions: no television, no little brothers or sisters coming and going, etc.; make sure the desk contains only the material being worked on – nothing else! Prepare all needed material for the specific subject in advance. If possible, try to do the same type of task as your child: Write when they write; read while they read.

Studying tips for preparing and taking tests: Conversation–Talk to your child about the importance of tests. Studies have shown that younger children are not always aware of their significance – but do better once they understand it; explain that tests measure students’ progress in class by grading their knowledge of the subject; let them know that standardized tests are the same for all children, and measure student performance across the state or even the entire country. To read more about Studying Tips, click Tips for the Student on the left. You can also do a search for a tutor, if you need to, by clicking Locate a Tutor.